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Barbera 2016

Barbera is a wonderful red variety which originally comes from Italy’s northern regions. It is the second mostly widely planted red variety in Italy and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia due to its soft tannins and ability to grow in a variety of conditions.

In Italy, Barbera has historically played second fiddle to the Nebbiolo variety, which produces the unique (and often pricey) Barolo wines. But Barbera is now coming into its own as people have begun to appreciate that it is probably the most food-friendly wine in the world.


Winemaking Notes

Grown in the Broke-Fordwich region of the Hunter Valley, the Little Wine Co Barbera is made in the fuller-bodied, plush style the lends itself to robust winter dishes.


Alcohol 14.2%

Tasting Notes

With appealing flavours of currants and blackberries, supple soft tannins and excellent structure, this is one of the most food friendly wines you will encounter.